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Souvlaki Story is a food concept based on favourite taste of tourists all over the world. In Mykonos you can taste the best souvlaki at 5 different places!

You can find us here.

Take a look at 5 Souvlaki Story pin-points in Mykonos!

  • Souvlaki Story Taverna – Argyraina, Mykonos, 84600
  • Souvlaki Story Taverna – 44, Voriou Ipirou Str. Chora, Mykonos, 84600
  • 37, Enoplon Dinameon Str. Chora, Mykonos 84600 ( Three Wells )
  • Fabrica, Inside Fabrica Food Mall, Mykonos, 84600
  • 6, Kouzi Georgouli Str. Chora, Mykonos ( Mparkia – Scandinavian )
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