Souvlaki Story whose statutory purpose is the production and marketing of restaurant has developed a specific operating system, special organization and store management procedures, as well as a methodology that reassures the production (recipes) and marketing of high quality products, relying on its original ideas and perceptions.


Souvlaki Story provides its partners with the necessary detailed expertise (know – how),  to achieve final products of optimum quality. The know – how shall include the system, techniques and operating methods which have been established and developed by the Souvlaki Story regarding the configuration, organization, management, promotion and advertising of the “Souvlaki Story” stores, as well as the production (recipes) and marketing of the variety and premium quality of souvlaki

The Souvlaki Story  team has tasted and implemented  its expertise and know – how, as a result of numerous seminars, trainings and participation in world fairs for ten years.

The company’s expertise and know – how as well as the above mentioned recipes are the subject of this proposal of the company, along with the license to use its trademarks. These rights are provided as a whole by the company to the respective partner so that they can produce and execute the same delicious-successful result as the one achieved in the most cost-efficient way.


Within the framework of the cooperation, the company will provide training for the continuous improvement of production techniques, new recipes and new methodologies.

Before the commencement of the franchisee’s business, the company will provide free-of-charge initial training to the franchisee’s personnel.

The initial training will take place after the signing of the franchising agreement in one of the franchisee’s stores.

The training will last for a maximum of one month and  be performed by the founders – partners of the Souvlaki Story company.

Any  additional  required training and handing of new recipes will take place annually at the franchisee’s store, and whenever, the franchisor deems necessary, in the company’s stores.


The Souvlaki Story will grant  the right to use its trademark on the products sold by the franchisee, in accordance with the company’s limitations and guidelines.


It should be noted that the Souvlaki Story products appeal to all ages, throughout the year, with very low food cost (up to 15%), trouble – free production procedure and high quality manufactured product with a particularly high profit.

Contrary to other shops Souvlaki Story only requires 50-70 square meters to fulfill both merchandising and operational purposes(30-50 meter for merchandising and 20-30 meters for the workshop).

Also, the company will provide the necessary advice on the layout of the space where the production machinery will be placed and the space where the production will take place.

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